LiU ranked 5th as environmental university

by jesper.lindmarker on the 28 februari 2012, 16:42

Linköping University ranked as fifth-best environmental university in the world in an international ranking survey.

“We are extremely happy and proud and see it as a proof that we are on the right track. LiU performs best of all Swedish universities. This is also a strong international competitive edge for LiU,” says Anders Carlsson, the university’s former environmental strategist.

cyklar på LiU

This is the second consecutive year that the Indonesian university, Universitas Indonesiaconducted environmental and sustainability rankings among the world’s universities and the first year that LiU have participated. A total of 178 universities from 42 countries registered. The survey covers issues of sustainability and environmental issues on university campuses and how universities work with these issues on an overall plan for both teaching and research.

Carlsson explains, “We work with very specific issues and ensure that we achieve results, including expanding our recycling efforts, good practice in the lab, a bicycle-friendly campus, environmental considerations when travelling and energy efficiency. In 2011, for example, we have introduced carbon offsetting for air travel. All business flights are subject to a fee equal to the fee charged by the external climate compensation models and the money is subsequently used for internal climate measures.”

“However these measures are only part of the substantial environmental work undertaken on campus, as part of the university’s strategic planning and within the region,” Carlsson expands.

“Our entire region is extremely good at sustainability, which we seldom highlight. For example: we have a well-developed district heating system, are world leaders in the development of biogas and retain a strong environmental technology industry.”

He also mentions several of the campus restaurants that focus on fair-trade and organic food, green student associations, and the Akademiska Hus (the largest property company in Sweden) that proactively work with environmental issues during construction.

“Our recently appointed rector Helen Dannetun is also aware of the importance that the university continues to invest in environmental and sustainability issues, among other things, she highlights them as an important element in teaching.

During the autumn, Linköping University, in collaboration with other European universities have signed a declaration that, among other things, means that universities should act as a driving force for sustainability issues within their regions. LiU will also establish a centre of excellence pertaining to environmental and sustainability issues. This sort of research is prevalent at the university,” claims Carlsson.

In addition to a number of Western European universities, even universities from Japan, USA, Chile and South Africa participated in the rankings. The University of Nottingham, UK finished top, followed by Northeastern University, USA. Of the other Swedish universities that participated, the University of Gothenburg came next in 96th position.

“The survey’s questions were comprehensive and serious and it’s of course gratifying that LiU placed so high. However one must, of course, consider the number of the eco-conscious universities in the world who have not participated in the survey,” clarifies Carlsson.

Photo: Goran Billeson

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Nya muggar på Linköpings universitet!

by jesper.lindmarker on the 28 november 2011, 16:37

Efter lång väntan har vi, till vår och alla studenters glädje, levererat nya GreenCups till Linköpings universitets campus. 6 000 muggar kommer under läsåret säljas på 14 kaféer.

Sedan att leveransen 2010 blev en succé, och försäljningen gick bättre än vad vi någonsin hade kunnat gissa, har vi kämpat för att få fram nya muggar och nu är dom äntligen här! Än en gång går försäljningen undan och de första 1 000 muggarna har redan tagit slut på bara 2 veckor.


Följande kaféer säljer GreenCup:



Foto: Victor Bergelin